The Board of Psychedelic Medicines and Therapies (BPMT) undertook a meticulous selection process to assemble a remarkable board. With an overwhelming number of highly qualified candidates, BPMT expanded the number of selected members to ensure a strong, diverse, and well-rounded and distinguished board. The board comprises experts from various disciplines, united in their commitment to advancing the field of psychedelic medicines and therapies.

Development of a Best Practices Board Selection Process

  • Collaborated with governance experts to develop a board selection process that met best practices standards.
  • Ensured adherence to industry-leading guidelines for effective board governance.

Matrix of Essential Board Qualifications

  • Developed a matrix outlining the essential qualifications required for a board of this nature.
  • Identified key competencies and expertise necessary for effective board membership.

Recruitment of Board Task Force (TF)

  • Established a Board Task Force responsible for the selection process.

Task Force members included:

  • Dr. NiCole Buchanan – BPMT Interim CEO and Board Chair
  • Gina Magaña – BPMT Program Manager
  • Sean McAllister, Esq. – BPMT Board of Director

BPMT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):

  • Andrew Penn, MS, NP, PMHNP-BC
  • Vilmarie Fraguada Norloch, PsyD
  • Hani Elwafi, MD
  • Susana Bustos, PhD
  • Alan K. Davis, PhD.

Consensus-based Selection Decisions

  • All selection decisions were made as a Task Force with a consensus model.
  • Ensured a collaborative and inclusive approach in the decision-making process.

Application and Interview Process

  • Dispersed a national call for applications resulting in 25 US and international applicants.
  • Narrowed pool to 17 interviewees based on the matrix criteria.
  • Selected 9 new directors who met the desired qualifications.

Candidate Evaluation

Each candidate was evaluated and rated on the following qualifications:


  • Proven interest in BPMT’s mission
  • Knowledge and understanding of BPMT’s work
  • Professional knowledge and skills needed by the board
  • Connections in the community (Psychedelics, Mental Health, or Health Care)
  • Fundraising and Test credentialing experience
  • Professional knowledge of credentialing policies and procedures


  • Demonstrates commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Ability and tenacity to serve on committees or task forces
  • Ability to cultivate relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Previous board experience or board training
  • Demonstrated alignment with the BPMT’s mission and goals
  • Ability to participate on a regular basis in the board’s work

BPMT’s mission is to certify psychedelic-assisted therapists to ensure the competent, safe, and ethical delivery of psychedelic medicine in an equitable and accessible manner for members of diverse populations. With the expertise and perspectives of our board members, we are confident in our ability to uphold this mission and establish high standards of practice within the field.

By promoting diversity in our board composition, we ensure that the voices and needs of different communities are represented and considered in our decision-making processes. This commitment to inclusivity allows us to address the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when delivering psychedelic-assisted therapy to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

We are grateful for the support of our stakeholders as we continue our mission to improve mental health and well-being through responsible and equitable psychedelic practices. With the guidance of our exceptional board, we aim to make significant advancements in research, education, advocacy, and the responsible implementation of psychedelic medicine. Together, we will work towards a future where competent and compassionate psychedelic-assisted therapy is accessible to all, fostering healing and transformation for members of diverse populations.