BPMT’s Commitment and Definition
Lineage and Legacy (L&L) Practitioner

BPMT’s Commitment To A Certification Pathway for Lineage and Legacy Practitioners

The Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies (BPMT) is dedicated to establishing a pathway for the certification of Lineage and Legacy (L&L) Practitioners in the field of psychedelic therapy. Due to federal and state regulations concerning psychedelic-assisted therapy, BPMT will initially concentrate on certifying mental health and medically licensed practitioners. Nonetheless, BPMT has an unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable pathway that recognizes, advocates, and supports the profound expertise of Lineage and Legacy Practitioners.

BPMT believes that acknowledging and certifying L&L practitioners will contribute to a more holistic, equitable, and diverse landscape in psychedelic-assisted therapy, enriching the field with their wisdom and the profound healing they bring.

Through this commitment, we aim to foster an inclusive and collaborative approach to certification that values the distinct contributions of all practitioners in advancing the standards and effectiveness of psychedelic therapeutic practices.

Lineage and Legacy Practitioners in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Honoring Ancient Wisdom and Transformative Healing

Lineage and Legacy (L&L) Practitioners in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy are transformative healers who draw upon ancient wisdom from indigenous lineages or plant medicine wisdom from mentors.

  • Lineage Practitioners in the realm of psychedelic-assisted therapy embody transformative healers who skillfully integrate ancient wisdom from indigenous lineages. These practitioners undergo a profound attunement process facilitated by esteemed wisdom keepers, positioning themselves as stewards of centuries-old insights within their respective traditions. Lineage practitioners immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual fabric of indigenous lineages, drawing upon profound teachings passed down through generations. Their role extends beyond therapeutic intervention, as they act as custodians entrusted with preserving and perpetuating the rich tapestry of traditional knowledge.
  • Legacy Practitioners learn from wise mentors, tapping into a diverse spectrum of wisdom outside of an intergenerational relationship with plant medicine and indigenous lineages. They blend this wealth of knowledge with contemporary therapeutic approaches, providing a holistic and inclusive framework for healing.

In both cases, L&L Practitioners immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of teachings, unlocking the potential for profound healing experiences and holistic expertise for those they serve.

Community Engagement: Forum Participation

We invite stakeholders and community members to share their valuable insights on these descriptions for Lineage and Legacy Practitioners. Your feedback is essential in ensuring that we honor and recognize the unique gifts and rich expertise sacred journey facilitators, trip sitters, guides, wisdom keepers and traditional practitioners embody. Additionally, we warmly welcome any recommendations or insights aimed at deepening our understanding and recognition of the profound contributions of Lineage and Legacy Practitioners in the field.

For those wishing to participate in the conversation, a forum has been created to freely voice your thoughts. Participants can choose to post anonymously. Your insights will contribute to fostering a deeper recognition of the distinctive qualities and transformative impact of Lineage and Legacy practitioners.