Erica Siegal



Erica Siegal

Board Treasurer, LMSW

Erica is a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, community organizer and harm reduction advocate.  She has spent the past 20 years exploring diverse ways to create impactful, connective experiences while increasing community safety and wellness.

Erica worked on MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy clinical trials from 2014-2019 and has spent over a decade providing harm reduction education, outreach and crisis response services at festivals and events worldwide, including Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Desert Daze, Envision Festival, and Summit Series.

In 2019, she founded NEST Harm Reduction & Consulting, a mental health and psychedelic support organization that provides psychotherapy, outreach, education, and integration.

Erica serves on several non-profit boards, including AidTeam, a disaster planning and education platform, and Shefa, a Jewish Psychedelic Support Network.

Erica recently founded SHINE Collective, a non-profit startup, dedicated to supporting those who have experienced real harm from assault, abuse, neglect, coercion and manipulation within the psychedelic community.